At MeetingHouse Growth Ventures, LLC our expert service holdings work to improve your risk profile every day throughout the year so your organization is in an optimal position at your insurance renewal

There are two parts to a great property & casualty insurance renewal

1. The Easy Part, The Broker Finding the right broker with leverage and expertise, to negotiate your risk profile (submission) to markets & alternatives for maximum coverage and minimal cost.

2. The Hard Part, Your Own Risk Management Program The internal effort you make throughout the year to maximize your organizational approach to risk that arms the broker with an optimal risk profile at renewal time.

about us

MeetingHouse Growth Ventures, LLC

MeetingHouse Growth Ventures, LLC is a private investment group applying an active management approach to insurance and risk-related holdings all sharing the same mission of real-value services with measurable results far beyond the transactional-only service trends in the insurance brokerage arena.

We are building high-level service organizations via start-ups and acquisitions in the following core areas.

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