About MeetingHouse Growth Ventures, LLC

Letter From The CEO

Insurance Brokers have changed over the last two decades. They’ve developed into exactly what their clients wanted, powerful vehicles designed to get you the best coverage at the lowest price. Think of them as “buying clubs” for insurance. They represent many clients just like you and they buy in bulk. That market leverage is the power behind their success. The only thing holding them back is your risk profile at the time they take it to the competitive market. If you don’t look good on paper, it’s not their fault.  

There was a time not too long ago when “Boutique” insurance brokers dominated the market. You remember. These organizations offered industry specialization (Construction, Transportation, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, etc.) You could turn to people that understood your business thoroughly because they likely worked in your business sector and could help your organization’s leaders with continued expert instruction with regards to your own internal risk management and insurance decisions.  When problems arose, they could get claims resolved, impact financing, etc. 

Times have changed and business leaders must hire their own risk management staff to protect the balance sheet between renewals. They must explore all alternative risk financing decisions. They must consider all risk control techniques. The health of your organization depends on it.

MeetingHouse Growth Ventures, LLC offers expert level services via all of our risk-related holdings. We stand in your shoes and take over the role of your very own risk management staff. We provide high-level risk control services (from safety to medical injury management). We help you find the most qualified risk manager to hire directly if you choose.  We even manage RFPs for all risk-related services including brokers.

The idea behind this is to give you some added measurable power throughout the year so your renewals go as smoothly as possible and you truly get the best coverage at the best price….not an excuse. We’re there for you…every day.

Lou Carboni
President & CEO

Our mission

MeetingHouse Growth Ventures, LLC is a private investment group applying an active management approach to insurance and risk-related holdings all sharing the same mission of real-value services with measurable results far beyond the transactional-only service trends in the insurance brokerage arena.

Our Vision

At MHGV, our service-oriented holdings work to improve your risk profile throughout the year, so your company is in an optimal position to attract the most appropriate vehicles to manage your risk.